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University of Georgia Cooperative Extension: Walk Georgia

Walk Georgia

Exercise Tips

Getting started with activity

When beginning or participating in physical activity you may feel slight discomfort in your muscles or bones during and/or after completing some of these activities. However, if you feel pain or unnecessary discomfort in your bones or muscles please stop the activity you are doing immediately. If the pain/discomfort persists after stopping activity, please see your physician.

Breathing and posture

Appropriate breathing and posture are integral for many of these exercises. Try to breath in while you contract your muscles and breath out as you relax your muscles. Hold your back as straight and upright as possible.

Activities for limited mobility

With the help of University of Georgia graduate students from the kinesiology department, Walk Georgia is introducing exercise options for participants with limited mobility. These activities are for individuals with injuries or disabilities, beginners or any participants with physical limitations who are interested in Walk Georgia but are concerned about participating in the suggested activities. They are also a good source of activities for people looking to broaden their exercise routines.

A summary of these activities is listed below. Follow each link to a page with more information and specific exercises. Select any of the included activities to create your own exercise routine!

The content and exercises were developed by the fall 2009 Kinesiology 7610 class at the University of Georgia.

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