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University of Georgia Cooperative Extension: Walk Georgia

Walk Georgia

Walk Georgia: Frequently Asked Questions

General Help

Registration and Accounts

Using Walk Georgia

General Help

I submitted a question a few days ago and have not gotten a response. When will I hear back from the help desk?

The help desk is answering questions as soon as we can. In order to handle the volume of questions for this statewide program, we also have administrators fielding county questions. If you have NOT heard back within 48 hours, please resubmit your question to the help desk.

How can I view the entire table of contents for the help section?

See the Expanded Help menu.

How can I copy and paste text?

To copy text:

  1. Use your computer mouse to highlight the text to be copied.
  2. Click CTRL+C on your keyboard.

To paste text:

  1. Select the location to paste the copied text.
  2. Click CTRL+V on your keyboard.

How can I unsubscribe from the Walk Georgia newsletter?

Go to the unsubscribe form to remove your email address from the Walk Georgia newsletter list.

I clicked on a link in an email but was taken to the Walk Georgia home page, how can I get to a page inside the program?

Log-in to the Walk Georgia Web site using your unique user account. This should take you immediately to the page you were attempting to link to. If it does not, return to your email message and click the link again.

Registration and Accounts

I can’t receive messages from your system. What can I do?

Please be sure that your spam filter is set to allow incoming messages from Be sure you add to your "safe" list BEFORE you enter your email address into our system. We are unable to answer emails that request verification of the Walk Georgia email address.

Why isn't my team getting their account emails?

The two most common problems preventing team members from receiving emails are:

  1. Mistyped email addresses -- please double-check that all email addresses you've entered are correct.
  2. Spam filters -- a number of email programs have strict filters that prevent messages from being received. Please be sure that you and your team have added to your "safe" list BEFORE you enter your email address into our system. We are unable to answer emails that request verification of the Walk Georgia email address.

The token sent to my email account will not work.

Be sure that you are entering the exact information that you received in your account invitation email. You may also copy the information from the email and paste it into the token form.

    1. To copy, highlight the token in your email and click CTRL+C.
    2. Go to the web page listed in the email.
    3. Select the text box beside "token" and click CTRL+V.

If you stop registration at any point and return later to use the same token, the system will not accept it. You will need to start over with creating your account or requesting a new password.

What is a token?

A token is a unique series of numbers and letters. Tokens are used to identify users who request new accounts or password changes.

An example token:

Can I use the same email account for my entire team?

Yes. See shared email addresses for more information.

How do I change the email address for my account?

Team captains may change the email address for any member on their team who has not yet created an account.

If you are an individual participant and would like to change the email address you have registered, contact the help desk.

How can I change my name or username?

If you are on a team, your team captain can edit this information for you.

If you are an individual participant, request this change through our help desk.

How can I change my starting county?

After you register your information you will not be able to edit it. Please be sure that you are entering the right county for your participation and also for your residence.

I created two accounts. Can one of them be deleted?

If you have created more than one account, please contact the help desk and indicate which account(s) you wish to have deleted.

I want to change my role. How do I do that?

You cannot change the role of an existing account.

During the registration period ONLY, if you'd like to participate under a different role, you will need to request a new account. If you have begun to track your physical activity, you will need to transfer this information by hand. The system cannot migrate information from one account to another.

Please be sure that you request that your unused account is deleted.

How can I reset or request the password for someone else?

Passwords cannot be reset or requested by anyone other than the account owner. If a password is forgotten, please follow the directions under “Forgotten Password”. An email with explicit instructions and an email token will be AUTOMATICALLY sent to the user. The help desk cannot provide this information to you.

My username and password is correct. Why can’t I log in?

If you are an administrator, please be sure that you are selected the “Admin” check box before you log in.

If you are a participant, be sure that your caps lock key is not selected.

I’m using the information that appears in the username and password boxes to log in. Why can’t I get in?

Always type the username and password that YOU chose into these boxes to log in. The information that your computer stores for you or displays when you choose these boxes is not always accurate to what you have registered. If in doubt, contact your team captain or the help desk to verify your username.

Should I enter the usernames for my team members?

No. Your team members will enter their own username when they register.

What is my group name?

If you are participating as a larger group such as a school, organization, business, church or other association, enter the name of that group (specific school, organization, business, church, etc.). This will be used to help identify you with your peer group, if needed.

Everyone from an organization should enter the exact information in order to match. For instance, if your school is called Central High School, "Central High School" should be entered consistently. Abbreviations, such as "CHS," would NOT be a match.

Only enter group information if you will be participating with a group.

If you do not think you are part of a large group, you probably are not.

How is my group name different than my team name?

Your group name affiliates you with any other people that have entered the exact same information in this field. Your team name only affiliates you with the people on your team.

I'm an individual, do I have a group name?

If your work place, organization, school or other association is participating as a group, you might have a group name. Ask the person who is leading the Walk Georgia program for your organization.

If you do not think you are part of a large group, you probably are not.

Why is registration limited to a specific time period?

Since Walk Georgia is part of a University research study, we are unable to allow people to register after a certain date. Doing so would skew our participant data and potentially compromise our study validity. We appreciate your understanding and interest in Walk Georgia.

Contact your local Cooperative Extension office at 1-800-ASK-UGA1 for information about future program dates.

Using Walk Georgia

There is a blue box on top of my activity form. How can I enter my activity?

If you are unable to see the entire activity form on the main Walk Georgia page, you may also edit your activity and minutes on the “My Info” page. Go there to enter your information.

My activity does not show in the form after I enter it.

Double-check that you are entering the correct information into the activity form. The “minutes” box will not accept any words or decimal numbers.

The Walk Georgia web page will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you take 30 minutes or longer to enter your minutes, the system may log you out before you can complete this form. If this is the case, enter your activity one entry at a time.

I keep getting an error message “Minutes field must be a valid number and is required” when I enter my activity time. What’s wrong?

Double-check that you are entering the correct information into the activity form. The “minutes” box will not accept any words or decimal numbers.

Can I enter more than one activity per day?

Yes. Each time you submit an activity a new drop-down menu will appear to add more entries. See Entering more than one activity per day.

Can I edit where I've visited on the map?

No. Once you've chosen a county to visit, that choice is recorded for you. You are not able to go back or change this information.

How are activity minutes converted to miles?

For the purpose of this program, a mile walked at a moderate pace is worth 2,000 steps. For every 2,000 steps that you exercise, you earn one walked mile.

Each activity has a preset amount of steps-per-minute. Using the minutes you exercise and the steps provided for that activity, a total of steps is calculated. That total is divided by 2,000 to establish your mileage.

See Converting Minutes to Mileage for a chart of steps per activity and the time it takes to earn one walked mile in the Walk Georgia program.

What is the difference between moderate walking, vigorous walking, jogging, and running?

Each of these activities has a different approximate speed and steps-per-minute associated with it:

  • Moderate walking: 3 mph, 112 steps-per-minute
  • Vigorous walking: 4 mph, 170 steps-per-minute
  • Jogging: 6 mph, 341 steps-per-minute
  • Running: 10 mph, 545 steps-per-minute

In this online program, the steps-per-minute are converted to walking miles of 2,000 steps-per-mile. Because of this conversion to a lower speed of activity, you may see an increase from the actual mileage you vigorously walked, jogged or ran.

See How are activity minutes converted to miles? and Converting Minutes to Mileage for more information.

What activity should be recorded?

See About logging physical activity for guidelines for entering activity. Also see Converting Minutes to Mileage to see the different kinds of activity the system has included.

How much activity can I enter daily?

The system only allows entry of 480 total minutes per day.

Why is my total mileage different from my daily miles?

Daily totals, weekly totals, and session totals are all added up per original activity entered. These are then rounded to the nearest tenth and may vary slightly between day, week, and session. Say someone has 2.56 miles entered on two different days.

  • The daily total, 2.56, rounds up to 2.6.
  • The combined total, 2.56 + 2.56 = 5.12, rounds down to 5.1
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